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Design and the Historic Environment
Spring 2018
Guest Editor: Pamela W. Hawkes FAIA

Change is essential to sustaining heritage sites, enabling them to meet new uses and evolving
expectations, goals, and requirements. Historic settings gain deeper meaning through thoughtful
contemporary design, and contemporary design is enriched by rigorous dialogue with historic
environs. These premises are fundamental to contemporary heritage planning yet remain highly
controversial in the realms of both conservation and design. Can preservation guidelines establish
clear expectations without predicting design outcomes? How
abstract can design references to the building or context be before they
disrupt the integrity of the setting or meaning? This issue will explore strategies for design in
historic contexts. We welcome submissions on a range of topics: analyzing and documenting
character-defining features of heritage settings, particularly those beyond the visual and two dimensional;
regulations that promote sensitive yet organic growth and development of conservation areas; and critical
analysis of design solutions for landscapes, buildings, neighborhoods, and archeological sites. Papers
may include theoretical explorations, historical examples, or critiques of case studies.
Articles are generally restricted to 7,500 or fewer words (the approximate equivalent of thirty pages of
double-spaced, twelve-point type) and may include up to ten images. Shorter case studies emphasizing
initial design responses and intent will also be considered to explore how designers approach the
problem of historical context. See author guidelines for full details or email Kecia Fong at
cot@design.upenn.edu for further information

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Few more days to register to ICOMOS ICTC Symposium & Workshop in Florence - May 18-19, 2017

Подробная информация - нажмите на изображение.

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LAST REMINDER: Cultural Heritage Workshop in Ljubljana (30-31 May)

Workshop: ‘Programming and Evaluation of Smart Cultural Heritage Protection’, 30-31 May Ljubljana: Transfer of innovation into practice. Key European stakeholders are contributing their lectures.

Venue: National Museum of Slovenia – Metelkova, Maistrova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Organized by Slovenian Evaluation Society and Republic of Slovenia - Ministry of Culture.

Program: http://www.sdeval.si/2-uncategorised/612-workshop-smart-heritage-protection-30-31-may-ljubljana

Early bird registration: Extended to Friday, 19. May 2017

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С праздником 18 апреля!

Дорогие коллеги-члены ИКОМОС России!

 Поздравляю Вас с Международным днем памятников и исторических мест – 18 апреля!

 Уже более 30 лет мир отмечает это событие, предложенное ИКОМОС. Как известно,  девиз этого дня – «Сохраним нашу историческую Родину», и с каждым годом ощутимее потери и их невозвратность. Тем актуальнее вовлечение в сохранение культурного наследия все более широких слоев общества. На это нацелена работа Национальных комитетов ИКОМОС - стражей материальной и нематериальной летописи своих стран.

 Завершается первый год возвращения Национального комитета ИКОМОС, Россия в Международный ИКОМОС, в июне состоится наша годичная Конференция и Международный научный Симпозиум «Культурное наследие-площадка для диалога».

 Надеюсь, что сегодняшний день будет отмечен в Ваших регионах и городах, поскольку наше наследие – безусловный предмет гордости России, ее великой истории.


Искренне желаю Вам здоровья и сил в святом деле, которому Вы себя посвятили.


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Civil Engineering Conference Athens Greece

Dear Colleague,

The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), a world association of academics and researchers based in Athens, organizes its 7th Annual International Conference on Civil Engineering, 19-20 June 2017, Athens, Greece. You are more than welcome to submit a proposal for a presentation by email to atiner@atiner.com, before 17 April 2017. If you need more information, please let me know and our administration will send it to you, including the abstract submission form.

The language of the conference is English for both presentations and discussions. Abstracts should be 200-300 words in length and it should include names and contact details of all authors. All abstracts are blind reviewed according to ATINER’s standards and policies. Acceptance decisions are sent within four weeks following submission. Papers should be submitted one month before the conference only if the paper is to be considered for publication at ATINER’s series.

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ICOMOS e-News n°141: 19th GA - Delhi 2017 - Extended Symposium deadline & Important Calls

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e-News n°141

4 April 2017

ICOMOS Banner    

19th ICOMOS General Assembly and Scientific Symposium,
Delhi, India, 11-15 December 2017

Dear ICOMOS members and colleagues,

Extended deadline for Call for Papers

The deadline for the Call for papers for the Scientific Symposium "Heritage and Democracy" which will take place on the occasion of the 19th ICOMOS General Assembly, has been extended to 30 April 2017.

The subthemes of the Symposium cover:
ST01: Integrating Heritage and Sustainable Urban Development by engaging diverse Communities for Heritage Management
ST02: The Role of Cultural Heritage in Building Peace & Reconciliation
ST03: Protecting and Interpreting Cultural Heritage in the Age of Digital Empowerment
ST04: Culture-Nature Journey, Exploring the Complexities of Human Relationships with Natural and Cultural Places

Click here for the call for papers for subthemes ST01, ST02 and ST03.

In addition to the call for papers, a call for proposals is launched for subtheme ST04 of the Scientific Symposium, the Culture-Nature Journey.
Deadline for proposals for the Culture-Nature Journey: 30 April 2017

We look forward to receiving your submissions for what promises to be an interesting conference.

Important Calls related to the 19th General Assembly

Click on the links below to download instructions and deadlines for the following matters linked to the 19th General Assembly:

ICOMOS expresses its warm thanks to the Getty Foundation for its continued support by awarding a 80 000 € grant to enable participation at the 19th General Assembly. ICOMOS also thanks the National Committees and individual members who contributed to ICOMOS' own Victoria Falls Fund which facilitates the participation of members at statutory meetings. Thanks to their generosity, ICOMOS will again be able to provide additional grants.

Voting rights, proxies and payment of membership dues

Voting rights are based on the number of paid-up members per Committee at 31/12/2016 - a table has been sent to the National Committee Presidents showing the votes attributed to each National Committee. Voting members at the General Assembly shall be designated by their National Committee in accordance with Article 9-a and 13-d-4 of the ICOMOS Statutes. Voting members duly nominated may give a proxy to another voting member of their National Committee. No member shall have more than four proxy votes in addition to his/her own.

To fully exercise their voting rights at the General Assembly, National Committees must meet the following conditions:

  • Send in their voting lists and full definite proxies (scanned signed copies are sufficient) one month before the start of the General Assembly – that is at the latest by 11 November 2017. National Committees must also be up to date with their full membership fee payments, including for the current year, by this date.
  • Minor changes in proxies will only be accepted in a case of “force majeure” preventing a voting member at the last minute from attending the General Assemblies (in cases of subsequent illness, misadventure or emergency). Such last minute changes have to be reported to the International Secretariat in Delhi not later than 72 hours before the start of the General Assembly.

Key dates to remember

30 April 2017 - Deadline for the Call for papers and proposals for the Scientific Symposium

11 May 2017- Deadline for applications for Travel Grants

11 June 2017 - Deadline for submission of:

  • Candidatures for the ICOMOS Board (for publication on the ICOMOS website)
  • Candidatures for the Piero Gazzola Prize
  • Candidatures for ICOMOS Honorary Membership

11 October 2017 - Deadline for the submission of draft resolutions

15 October 2017 - Final deadline for candidatures for the ICOMOS Board and Deadline to register for the General Assembly and Symposium

11 November 2017 - Deadline for receipt by the International Secretariat of:

  • the totality of membership dues
  • the lists of voting members and full definite proxies

8 December 2017 (72 hours before the start of the General Assemblies) - Deadline for minor changes to proxies in case of "force majeure" only!

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In this issue

Call for papers extended
Important Calls
Voting Rights
Key dates


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