Информация : ICOMOS - ICOFORT / Call for papers/ MILITAGE, Norway 2017/New deadline for abstracts - 30 January 2017

Dear ICOMOS/ICOFORT/Heritage Colleagues:


It is with great pleasure we are providing with the CALL FOR PAPERS for MILITAGE Norway 2017 -  ICOFORT International Conference on Military Heritage from the 20th Century, 4-7th September 2017, Northern Norway.


The Militage Norway 2017 site is ready. The address is www.militage2017.icofort.org


Also for any questions the conference contact email is:



Please see below details about themes, registration and Call for Papers New Due date is January 30, 2017.


Looking forward to see you in Norway!


Kind regards,


Milagros Flores-Román

ICOFORT President





MILITAGE Norway 2017

Icofort international conference on

Military Heritage from the 20th Century

4-7th September, 2017

Northern Norway


Organized by Icofort Norway







Icofort international organizes each year a meeting in collaboration with the local committee in the housing country. In 2017 the meeting will take place in Northern Norway, a region with a rich history in fortifications and military heritage especially from World War II occupation, Cold War period and traces of fifty years with military exercises by NATO forces. The theme of the conference MILITAGE 2017 will be «Military Heritage from the 20th Century».


Northern Norway is known for dramatic scenery with mountains, fjords and arctic light. While attending the conference the participants will experience the landscape and become aware at the strategic military role this region has played - and still do - in a global perspective.


The theme of the conference covers a broad range of topics/areas, including identification of values, conservation issues, management and ownership and challenges in reuse of military objects, case studies and guidelines.


MILITAGE 2017 welcomes the presentation of papers by professionals, technicians, historians and others with an interest in history and in the conservation, management and re-use of fortified heritage. The aim is to create a forum for debate in which participants share their knowledge and experience from other countries, so as to enrich and broaden the horizons in order to provide a better understanding of military heritage and improved possibilities to preserve it for future generations.






Submission of Abstracts

January 14, 2017,

Extended to January 30, 2017

Preliminary Acceptance of Abstracts

February 10, 2017

Full paper submission

April 14, 2017

Final Acceptance of Full Papers

June 16, 2017

Last date for Early registration

June 23, 2017

Submission of Presentations

August 15, 2017

Conference Presentation

September 4-7, 2017




1 - Identification and protection

       Attributes and characteristics of 20th century fortifications

       Fortifications’ typologies

       Identification, documentation and protection of «conflict landscapes»

       Identification of the cultural heritage values

       Fortifications on National Heritage List

       Fortifications in danger

       Interventions on fortifications

       Case studies


2 - Management

       Aging of concrete and iron: conservation actions

       Challenges in conservation of technical components i.e. radar, electronic devises

       Decision making process to manage military landscapes in transformation

       Ownership and management - different models

       Challenges in economic and political commitment: sustainability

       Tourism management plans

       Case studies


3 - Reuse

       Studies of reuse versus the integrity and authenticity of dismissed military objects

       Destination development and tourism

       Communication to future generations

       «Good and bad» examples of reuse

       Case studies




Leading experts Kristina Spohr, Magnus Håkenstad, John Schofield and Milagros Flores will deliver keynote speeches on the conference’s topics.



The official language of the Conference is English. All papers should be written and presented in English. There will not be provided any simultaneous translation.



Papers should focus on the topics outlined above. The abstract not exceeding 300 words with no tables and figures should be structured in three main sections:

-    Introduction

-    Developments

-    Remarks and Conclusions


The abstract should be clear, aiming at giving a general overview of the paper. Submissions will be peer reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the Conference.



Conference fee has not been set yet.

The conference will include proceeding and participation to all technical sessions, busses, boat, lunches, coffee breaks, reception, hotel and conference former dinner.

The participants will pay for their flights to Tromsø and back from Harstad.



Roberta Luciani, architect, educated at the Sapienza University of Rome.

Janne Wilberg, art historian, educated at the University of Oslo.

Marte Oftedal, architect, educated at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

Dag Stromsæther, artillery colonel, graduated at the Norwegian Military Academy in Oslo.




Northern Norway (samme som i programmet, litt forstørret med Narvik i sentrum)






Roberta Luciani, (leder)

Janne Wilberg, (member)

Marte Oftedal, (member)

Dag Stromsæther, (member)



Tromsø: Tromsø County Council Auditorium

Narvik: Narvik Peace Centre with the Red Cross War Museum Auditorium

Meløyvær (Harstad): Valhall confence hall

Trondenes (Harstad): Trondenes Historical Centre



Troms County Council

Sør-Troms museum

Nord-Troms museum


Forsvaret Brigade Nord



This conference will give you the opportunity to explore the MILITAGE of the North, in the Arctic zone. We will travel a lot with buss and boat, we will walk in a rocky landscape, we will sleep in barracks where soldiers did before. The average temperature in Norther Norway in early September is 4-10 degrees. Please (it is essential to wear) take warm clothes and comfortable shoes, you will need one nice outfit only for the former dinner!