Информационное сообщение

Тема:  2016 GA & AdCom Meeting Istanbul
Дата:  Sun, 21 Aug 2016 23:30:47 -0400
От:  Gustavo Araoz <gustavo.araoz@icomos.org>


Dear members of ICOMOS,

I am pleased to inform you that having studied all the circumstances and concerns that were expressed and having consulted with our Turkish committee, the board has decided to uphold our decision that the 2016 general assembly and Advisory Committee Meeting be convened in Istanbul, Turkey, according to the program and dates that had been planned and published. The results of the Board vote on this decision were 19 in favor, two against, and one abstention (failure to reply)

In the same manner, the Board decided to hold an extraordinary general assembly in New Delhi in 2017, one day before the triennial General Assembly, and not in Istanbul this year. The reason for the change in this decision is to give us an appropriate period of time to present in greater detail to all ICOMOS members the reasons for our recommendation on the need to amend the statutes approved in Florence and allow broader and participatory debate on them over the course of the coming year. The results of this vote were 16 in favor of the 2017; five for 2016; and one abstention (or failure to reply).

Our colleagues in Turkey have confirmed that planning is still proceeding smoothly, that the support from the authorities has not decreased and that they have received assurances that the security around our meetings will be strengthened to the necessary extent.

Therefore, I hope to see many of you in Istanbul for a very successful meeting. And for those unable to join us, we are examining the means for you to participate remotely and to keep you informed of the full proceedings.

Gustavo Araoz